A resume!

I needed to get this off my chest. Here's my resume detailing some, "Dominate,"qualities that I possess and that you may want to consider. I do not fake these qualities as I live, breath, and fuck with these character traits every moment on this rock! Do not get me twisted... I care, joke, and nerd out... sometimes lol. Naturally, I want to talk about my dick. All good things, all predictable boasting and promises of quality time and shit. I'm hoping to appeal to people who can appreciate my ability to maintain respect, but use disrespect to enhance a situation. Vulgarity: Often overlooked as offensive and negative. But when applied correctly to a situation it allows us to shed our civilized selves and be reminded that our impure thoughts bring us pleasure. Thought dirty words inspire us to be shameless. Man pretends he has no desire to dominate, use and objectify a woman. And woman pretends that she doesn't want to be used for pleasure, that she wouldnt like being surrounded by eager men wanting what she has, woman pretends she doesn't envy the slut and man keep pretending he hates the slut. It's nice to embrace the slurs, ditch modesty and have fun. Degrading words of encouragement let us forget the niceties and experience sex with some liberty from shame . Example : "I fucking love sluts. You're a good slut, aren't you? Your pussy is so tight around my dick, you're a tight little slut." I'll show proper respect to you fully when we're finished, until then I'll praise or degrade your sluttyness situationally depending! Confidence: I fuck females like a man. I'm a dominant dude, but not a dick. Or a bitch. I want to smash, pound, and like to get rough. Because I'm excited about your pussy. And I want you to know I appreciate it by showing my interest in you. However, I'm not mindless dick. I've evolved and tailor my humping to the lucky lady beneath me... I'm pretty much a Domesticated savage in the sheets. Toys: I like them. You will love them. Let's play! Teamwork: I'm here to fill a need. I'm here to help her realize she's got something deserves the attention I'll give it. I will remind everyone their role, place and duties under my rule in what ever way you need, stern or degrading, etc. These can be prearranged expectations or I can set the pace, your choice. Closing argument: I like to use bad words and offensive language while being dominant, I'm not going to make love to you, I'm going to fuck you, you're going to love me for it!
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