Caught red handed!(hopefully)

Surely I’m not the only pervert out there that loves the idea of being seen while engaging in solo-action. I can’t seem to stop playing with my dick in places where it is considered unacceptable. Sometimes it’s just discreet massaging with my hand in my pocket(lost count of discarded undies b/c they were just in the way) and sometimes I’m completely naked while driving! I fucking love the thrill of being caught in the act for some reason. I fantasize constantly about jerking off in the presence of an appreciative and sexy stranger with no contact between us whatsoever. Just her watching and/or instructing me as I mythodically manipulate myself until I can’t hold back any longer. Sometimes she self-indulges vigorously, sometimes she will just sit quietly while enjoying my enjoyment. I feel as if I need for this to happen whle I’m somewhat young, attractive, and capable of an erection! HELP!!!! I would love to hear any stories you may have wether you were the watcher or watchee
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