Cum play in a private yet public place! Naughty fun morning you sexy Ladies . You get left at home and need a morning treat? You want to come tease a fit guy and see him get hard from your teasing and sexy looks! You can dress as provocative as you like, less is always more;-) !! This is for the morning between 8-8:30. You know after the kids are off to school and hubby’s gone you could take some sexy time for yourself! I will be out in my fitness attire running commando so my “member” will be yours to view and enjoy if you like! This is in the Rita Ranch/Vail area. A Small running path with fitness stations along it. .. we can start the week out sexy and fun! Give you something “different” for your morning “workout”! If you are wanting a private “training” session this Gent could cum to you...feel free to message me and we can work out the details. And the perfect date to make this happen!