Couple’s Playground with Unique Adult Lodging Tampa-Lakeland, Florida

Couple’s Playground with Unique Adult Lodging
Business Type:
Night Club 
Business Name:
Eyz Wide Shut
Eyz Wide Shut is Florida’s #1 Upscale On-Premise Swingers Club & Lodging! We have a fully licensed liquor bar, dance floor, game room, and a covered outdoor social & smoking area. Our club offers a sexy atmosphere for lifestyle couples and singles to meet and greet. Capacity for over 700 guests inside & 200 guests outside with bar & lodging makes for an exciting night of adventure! Over 20,000 square feet of sexually charged fun! Take a tour of our newly renovated adult lodging and fall in love with some of our spectacular rooms. Choose from the Lady Godiva Suite, Cleopatra Suite, Seaside Suite, Dungeon Suite, Brass Bed Suite, Zebra Lounger Suite, Harem Suite, Wild, Wild West Suite, Asian Ecstasy Suite, Double Pleasure Suite or Lovers Lane to live out your fantasy or experience romance with a little ambiance. We have sex furniture everywhere, saddles with vibrators, curved 6’ sex props, gyno tables, bondage beds, suspension racks, giant round beds and more. Most rooms have ceiling mirrors, all have upscale furniture from canopy beds and antique styling to art deco props. Each room has a magnetic key door just like any hotel, as well as inside windows that you choose to close or leave open if you are daring enough to enjoy sharing your experience with others. Once you are in your room the door can only be opened from the inside, should you choose to invite others to join you. Eyz Wide Shut offers a comfortable atmosphere for lifestyle couples and singles to meet and mingle. This is a no pressure atmosphere for people of all lifestyles to enjoy time after time. Eyz is probably cleaner than any 5 star hotel, each room is inspected by the health department regularly. A st^CL^ attendant changes the linens and cleans the room after each use so you are assured of cleanliness. Many rooms have memory foam mattresses and all are covered for hygienic purposes. The club is divided into two sections. One entrance for the bar, full liquor, DJ and weekend buffet (Friday & Saturdays). The other is the sexual encounter center and state approved lodging facility. It is not what you would expect from a swingers club, you do not have to be in the “lifestyle” to enjoy any of the private suites. Definitely not a place to be embarrassed about bringing your wife, husband or lover, no one is made to feel uncomfortable. Anyone with a sexually adventurous spirit, who wants to experience a “no-pressure” night of fun, in a deluxe atmosphere, will enjoy Eyz Wide Shut. It is open to couples, single women and a limited amount of single men. PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE FOR PRICING AND SPECIAL DISCOUNTS! EYZ WIDE SHUT 8504 E Adamo Drive, Suite 155 Tampa, FL 33619
Tampa-Lakeland, Florida, United States
Street Address:
8504 E Adamo Drive, Suite 155

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