any girl out there want sweet revenge

i know every girl has that at least one ex that did them wrong in a unforgivable way. wouldnt it be great to get them back in a humiliating way. i can help. im a bisexual cd, im passable with the right makeup and outfit. lets get together and fuck him over. with help of another female lets get him good and drunk. then bring him over to your someplace private. like a back room at a party or hotel room. be hiding somewhere close with a camera. start filming right away make sure you get his face in shot. then me and the other girl will hand cuff him to the bed and blind fold him, as if playing a kinky sex game then come out of your hiding place to film me having sex ill fuck him. make sure you show on film my cock swinging as i ride him like a bull.then do as you wish with the evidence. spread it to friends, coworkers even the new girlfriend he left you for.