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Q: Is a free site?
A: can be used free of charge. It's free to sign up, browse, view profiles, add pictures, email, chat, comment & lots more. You can use the site as a free member for as long as you wish, but of course, premium members have more fun.

Q: My partner and I have public/government jobs and do not want to upload pictures. What can we do?
A: It is common for members in the lifestyle to crop out your faces in the pictures before uploading them to the site.

Q: Does Rocktie offer LGBT sign ups (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender)?
A: Yes, Absolutely!

Q: Can I change my status from single male to a couple (or from couple to single male)?
A: No, it is prohibited for privacy reasons and not allowed by the system.

Q: I forgot my password what should I do?
A: Click on Forgot Password

Q: How can I resend my activation email?
A: Click on Resend activation email

Q: Does rocktie share information about members with third-party companies?
A: will NEVER sell, rent or share personal information or photos with anyone.

Q: I noticed other members uploading adult photos, why are mine not getting approved?
A: During the approval process we encourage all new members to upload "clean" photos. Once approved you are more than welcome to upload adult/nude photos.

Q: Is a scam?
A: No, is a legit, registered and licensed website.
Tip: Do your research when buying anything online and don't blindly believe what other people say - good or bad. If you have any questions, concerns, or hesitations, you're more than welcome to contact us.

Q: What happens to my photos if I decide to close my account?
A: All your account information including photos are completely deleted from our database. We do NOT keep personal information or photos, once your account is deleted it's gone for good.

Q: Why are my photos being declined?
A: Either you are not taking the time to read the photo guidelines, photo(s) display bad appearance or we have determined they weren't fit for our lifestyle website.

Q: Why was my account declined/removed?
A: 1: Someone reported your account spamming.
A: 2: Your account violated our terms and conditions.
A: 3. Most likely someone reported your you posting your Kik, email or phone number information on the site.
A: 4. Sending a member your email or phone number in the first 3 messages is considered spam.

Q: How can I get my account back
A: If you account has been removed you are welcome to register for a new account.

Q: I have been blocked from using the chat services, why?
A: If you type a word that has been filtered out with (***) multiple times the chat system will automatically block your chat account.

Q: I get an invalid email error when trying to login
A: Most likely your account was not approved and was removed from our database.

Q: How do I close my account?
A: If you're on a free account simply click on My Setting and look for the cancel link.
A: If you're on a verified or premium account click on the top Contact Us link and simply put the word "Delete" in the subject and description box.

Billing questions
For billing questions on your account please login and click on the Contact Us link located on the top.

Keep in mind: We respect everyone's privacy, so put your mind at ease, none of your information/photos will EVER be sold, rented or shared with anyone.

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