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We are a black cpl in Las Vegas looking to have some dirty fun. So we have been talking about going to a adult theater and finding a group of guys to whore her out to while there. I was thinking some seedy hole in wall type place.

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My wife and I got married in Vegas in 2007 and I told her I wanted us to do something new/freaky before we tied the knot. So I found a swingers club called The Green Door…you want to talk about seedy!!! It’s at the end of a strip mall, you walk up this dark stairwell to a very poorly lit big room with a small stripper stage. I had my wife go up and do a striptease for me, and no shit in about five minutes. They were about 20 guys with their dicks out jerking that just came out of the woodwork. It was fucking spooky. We got the fuck out of there and went to a regular bar where we met a married couple and went back to their house.

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Can we cum too?

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In Los Angeles the cleanest and best place is romantix on San Fernando road 2 theaters