Submissive White Girl Summer - Part 1

Submissive White Girl Summer - Part 1
As I continued my freshman year, I continued fucking any black guy on campus that showed interest in me. I was totally hooked on black cock. I knew the say once you go black, you never go back was true. I attempted to have relationships with white guys at my school but never lived up to the expectations that I had while fucking black men. So many times, I would come home, call up one of my many black lovers and have them finish off the job.

It was toward the end of the semester and I knew I would be going to summer school, so I searched for an off campus apartment. I found this apartment close to the sporting venues of our school. The rent was very cheap and it was a beautiful place. The owner told me that a few of the school athletes lived in the building and they tend to get a little wild and crazy. I told him I did not mind. Therefore, I signed the lease and wrote a check out for the summer rent. He tossed me the keys and told me that you can move in anytime and if you need some help moving call me.

I was so excited to have my first place; I called home and told my mom that I got my own place. She was happy for me and asked was it in a safe area. I told her that it was safe and not too worry about me. She then told me she would be putting money in my account so I can get furniture for the new place. As finals ended, I packed up all my stuff in the dorm room and begin to move stuff to my new place.

As was unpacking all the junk that I had waiting for the air conditioning to cool off the place. There was a knock on the door. I answered the door and it was my furniture. I let them in and they began to move my new furniture in. I could not help but notice that the moving guys kept checking me out. I was flattered that they thought I was cute. They finished getting everything in and I smiled and offer them a tip for their hard work. The accepted and left smiling. I walked past a mirror that I had and noticed that my t-shirt was soaked with sweat and I gave the moving men a nice wet t-shirt show. I smiled, laughed, and got back to unpacking.

As the night went, I was getting frustrated with trying to put everything together and was cussing up a storm. There was a knock on my door. I asked who is it. He said your neighbor. I opened the door and saw this black Adonis standing at my door. He was 6’5” at least 250 pounds and built like a brick house. I wanted him right there. He introduced himself as Ron. I said I was Tara. He says pretty name for a pretty girl. I blushed and invited him in.

He asked what is wrong. I told him I was having trouble putting the coffee table together and had no idea how I was going to put together the entertainment center. He offered to help me and I was so excited. I told him thank you. I offered to buy pizza for his work and he smiled and said sure. I joked around about alcohol but I was too young to buy that stuff. Ron smiled and said let me get my tools and some drinks and we can get all this done. I thought to myself that I'd like to see his tool. He came back with some beer and his toolbox and started to get to work. I realized I forgot a bag in my trunk and went out and got it. I came back into my place and was checking out that perfect ass moving back and forth while working on my stuff. I was not paying attention to where I was walking and tripped over a box and everything that I was carrying fell to the floor along with me. I came to see if I was all right and helped me up. I joked that these damn boxes have had it in for me. He laughed and I caught out of the corner of my vibrator was lying on the floor and I noticed that Ron also saw them. I turned bright red in embarrassment.

I picked it up and hide it in a drawer in the bathroom. I occasionally was sneaking a peek at Ron working. We started to talk about classes and he said that he saw me in our psychology 101 courses. I knew if he were in that class, I would have noticed. I told him I did not remember seeing him. Ron said that he hardly ever went to class because he already had all the tests, quizzes, and showed up just for those. I asked how he got that stuff. Ron said that all athletes have access to that especially when teachers do not change their course work. I asked what sport he played. He told me he was a wrestler.

Ron finished the coffee table and was almost done with the entertainment center when the pizza arrived. I told him that I really appreciate what he was doing. He smiled and said no problem. He also offered to hook up the stereo equipment and TV too. So we talked and the more and more I looked at him I wanted him increasingly. My nipples were erect and I was getting wet. He said he was going to get back to work and finish here. I went back to straightening up my bedroom. I knew he was done with everything when I heard the stereo turn on and the TV turn on.

I knew I was running outta time here so I had to make my move. I walked into the living room and smiled as he showed me all his hard work. I asked him to help me with something in the bedroom. I followed me into it and commented on what a huge bed it was. I told him to lie down on it and see how comfortable it was. I jumped onto, lay there, and asked if he liked it. Ron smiled and said that he needs to get one of them.

I smiled and moved in-between his legs. I smiled and I began to remove my t-shirt, exposing my 34ddd breasts. I stood there and noticed a big bulge in his pants. I smiled and said. Now, its time for payment for services rendered and break in the new bed. I ran my hands up and down his muscular thighs, made my way to his zipper, unzipped his pants, undid the button, and began to lower his pants. I felt his hands brush against my nipples and a chill went up and down my spine.

I lowered myself down to my knees and slide off his silk boxers. I noticed this massive black cock semi-erect just waiting for me to please it. I licked my lips while looking into his eyes. I began to tease the tip of his cock with my tongue and began to stroke it up and down slowly making it fully erect. I licked up and down both sides of his cock and I heard him moan softly. I wrapped my lips around his head and swirled my tongue around his massive head. I began to slowly bob up and down on his wonderful black cock. I moved my free hand down under my shorts and began to play with my wet pussy.

I bobbed back and forth and each time his cock was getting deeper and deeper into my throat. I got his cock completely inside and could feel his cock throbbing in my throat. I paused there for a few seconds to enjoy the feeling. I started to come back up to get some air and teased the tip of his cock with my tongue again. I looked up at Ron enjoying the moment and asked if he liked that. He smiled and said do not stop. I caressed his cock against my face and wondered what this wonderful cock going to feel like deep inside my pussy, I resumed sucking and licking on his cock and got began to deep throat him again. I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing it down every time I began to move upward.

I was feverishly rubbing my clit hoping that I could get myself off at the same time that he cums inside my mouth. All my thoughts were fixated on this massive cock and what it could do to me and make me feel. I knew that wrestlers had stamina and that I wanted to know what he could do to me. He pushed down on my head and my nose pressed against his groin. He held me there as he began to pump his cum into my stomach. It felt like he came for hours but only lasted a few seconds. He released my head and I caught my breath and noticed that some cum was trickling down the side of his cock. I eagerly went to lick it off. I cleaned his cock off looked up and smiled.

Ron said, damn y’all white girls know how to suck a dick. I just smiled and blushed. He stood up and I was on still on my knees and noticed some cum forming of the end of his cock. I moved upward to clean it off. He grabbed his pants and started to put them back on. I asked if what he was doing. He said that he had to go.

I stumbled out the word, But…. Ron asked, what do u want? I said I want you to fuck me.
< He smiled and said that this was only taste baby; I had to see if you are worthy of me fucking you. I began to beg him to fuck me and how much I needed him inside me. He looked at me and asked me what I wanted.
I said that I want to you fuck me with your cock. He just shook his head in disdain. Wrong choice of words their Tara.
Say I want you to fuck me with your big black cock.
I pleaded with him to fuck me with your big black cock. He smiled and said that now your learning. He walked out to the living room and I followed him begging him to fuck me with his wonderful black cock. Ron looked at me and said next time I ask you what you want you better get it right. I said I was sorry and please do not go, I need it so bad. I am so horny for you. He smirked and do not worry baby girl, my lil slut will get what she wants in due time when I get what I want from you. He opened the door and left me all alone.

I was shocked and horny as hell, no man had ever not wanted to fuck me. All my thoughts were fixated on his cock and what I did wrong. I walked into my bathroom and was going to finish myself off. I searched for my vibrator and knew I put it in the drawer but could not find it. All I found was a little post-it note that said… NO NO NO. no toys for you, only the real thing will do. I was pissed that the guy would not fuck me and that he took my vibrator.

I found my address book to call up one of the guys I have been fucking through out the years but my phone was not going to be connected until Monday and I forgot to charge my cell phone and the battery was dead. Therefore, that night I went to bed unfulfilled. I tossed and turned all night long thinking about Ron’s massive cock repeatedly.

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