Submissive White Girl Summer - Part 2

Submissive White Girl Summer - Part 2
I awoke the next morning and jumped in the shower. I heard a knock on my door, so I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body and walked to the door. I saw an envelope on the floor that someone slid from the outside and it was addressed to me. I picked it up and asked who it was. Its Mr. Bernstein, the landlord, I am here to fix the things that you said needed fixing. I totally forgot about it. I let him in and he was embarrassed that he caught me taking a shower. I am sorry to bother you so early but there are many things I need to do today. He asked me which window would not lock. I pointed to the window and my towel fell to the ground. I hurried to get my towel back around me and I caught Mr. Bernstein checking me out. I smiled and asked if I get the rent lowered for the free show. He laughed and apologized for staring.

I let him do what he needed to do around the apartment and finished my shower. I was sitting in my room in bra and panties when there was a knock on my door. I put on my robe and asked how may I help you. Mr. Bernstein asked if anything in my bedroom needed fixing. I said that the closet door was squeaky and the doorknob wouldn’t turn. He chatted a bit while he was fixing the door. He asked what I was doing. I said making a grocery list and a list of other items that I needed for the place. He told me not to park too close to the door because people were moving out today. I asked how many full apartments would there be this summer. He said that half of the apartments will be filled and that the others will be remodeled.

The next thoughts through my mind were wondering if Ron was gonna be one of those guys moving out. Mr. Bernstein finished up, left his card, and call him if any problems arise. I smiled and joked about him enjoying the show.

I threw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and started out the door to run my errands. I completely forgot about the note. I opened it up and read it. It was from Ron. The note said that I should cook him dinner this evening and gave me a number to call and give them my measurements for what to wear for the night. I dialed the number and it was some boutique. I told the person answering that I was told to call and give you my measurements. I gave the store my measurements and they said you can pick up the clothing anytime today. I asked about the price and the lady said it was taken care of already. I asked for directions and said thank you.

I continued to read on and Ron stated several guidelines for me. The first was that I be dressed and dinner ready by 8 o clock. Second, was that I do not want your hair in a ponytail or worn up. Third, was that my pussy be shaved completely. Forth was no underwear. After reading that, my nipples became erect because I knew that the possibility of me being fucked by Ron was going to happen tonight. The others were minor stuff like telling me to wear heels, what kinda perfume to wear and type of music to be played, the scent of candles in the bedroom.

I added that stuff to my to-do list and I walked outside my apartment with a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I ran all my errands and on the way home, I stopped off at this boutique to pick up my clothes. for the date. I told the lady at the counter who I was and she commented on that if my chest was real. I said yes, she told me they were very nice. I looked around a bit and saw a few pieces of lingerie that caught my eye. I asked if they had my size and the lady found them. I tried them on and liked what I saw, so I bought them also.

I got back to my apartment, unloaded my car, and was exhausted by all the errands I ran. I put everything away and started to think of what I was gonna make for dinner. I lay down to rest and watch some Tv Then my curiosity got the best of me. I ran into my bedroom and opened the box with the clothes that Ron bought for me. I saw this short tight black dress in the box. My first thought was that I’m gonna look disgusting in that. I got undressed and slid the dress on. It was extremely tight and barely covered my ass, my breasts really stood out in the dress. At first, I thought I looked like a hooker, but the more and more I looked in the mirror. I liked it increasingly. I took it off and hung it up waiting for what is going to happen tonight.

It was about 6pm when I started to get ready of the big night. I showered again and started dinner while I got ready for Ron to arrive. As the time grew closer to 8pm, all was going well and I was becoming aroused sexually. I pasted a mirror and noticed that the dress really made my nipples stand out. It was 8pm and there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and it was Ron. He came in and said he was pleased with the dress. He asked if I liked it. I nodded and said yes.

I served him first and then got my dinner. We ate dinner and chatted. He asked me what I did today. I told him errands and stuff. He then turned the conversation to what happen last night. He asked me what I did to relieve myself last night. I told him nothing. He told me that I wouldn’t be needing that vibrator anymore. I said OK. Then turned the conversation about my sexuality. I answered every question he asked me. He looked at me and told me I was a typical white girl. You get some black dick in ya and then ur hooked. I lowered my head and agreed. He told me to stand up and change the music. I went over and did what he said. I started to walk back to him when he told me to stop. He stood up and walked toward me. He walked over and sat on the loveseat.

Now, baby girl, its time for the after-dinner show. I want to you dance for me. I started to sway my hips and running my hands over my breasts while shaking my ass. I started to remove a strap from my shoulder.
No, You don’t get naked until I say you do, do you understand. I said yes. I continued to dance for him. He can clearly see that I was aroused and was ready to be fucked. He asked me what I wanted. I replied that I wanted you to fuck me…He shook his head and told me to come to him. I did what he said. He told me to lie across his lap facing downward. Now, I'm gonna ask you again. What do you want? I replied that I wanna be fucked by you. I felt his hand move across my ass and I moaned softly. I felt my dress be raised up and his hands glance across my wet pussy.

Do you like that baby? I said oh yes..
He then smacked my ass and I squealed out in pain. You see baby girl, u answered wrong. Now every time I ask you a question and I don’t like the answer you will be smacked. Do you understand? I said yes.
Now again, what do you want. I replied that I want your big black cock inside me. Very good baby girl. I was relieved that I wasn’t gonna are smacked since the pain from the first smack remains.
Now baby girl, what did you think about all day? I said that I thought about you all day. A loud smack occurred again.
Don’t lie to me; you know you thought about what you were sucking on last night all day. You know what that makes you. I shook my head no. He said that I was a black cock slut.

Do you agree with my assessment of you? I whispered out yes. I don’t hear you what did you say. I replied yes I am what you say. Another smack occurs.
Say it.
I'm a black cock slut, I said. Ron smacked my ass again, no baby girl you’re my black cock slut from now on. Do you understand? I said yes. I am your black cock slut Ron.
He commanded he to get him another drink and to bring my address book and cell phone to him. He started to scroll thru the numbers asked who everyone was and when I came to a black guys number he would delete it. I'm the only black man in your life now. He tells me as rip the guy’s numbers out of my address book. When he is done he tells him that if he catches me with any other black men. That I will never be with him again. I nod in agreement and he says that I would include white guys in that but I know you ain't going back to that.

Ron stands up and tells me to follow him into the bedroom. I follow him in and sit on the bed. He tells me to stand up. I stand up and say I'm sorry. He tells me to bend over and spanks my ass again. Don’t do anything around me unless I tell you do you understand. I say yes. He tells me to light the candles and I do what he said. I start to walk toward him and he commands me to stop. Unleash those big ole white titties baby girl. I lower the dress and stand there with my breasts hanging out and the whole dress just clinging to my stomach region. He tells me that he doesn’t like tan lines and to work on that. I acknowledge in agreement. Now come over here, undress me, and place my clothes on the chair next to you. Ron stands up and I began to remove his clothing exposing his amazing body. I take all his clothing over to the chair and drop his silk boxers to the ground. He commands me to come back over to him. Bend over. I bend over and a loud smack echoes through the room. You will respect my clothes as much as me. I said yes Ron.. I walk back over and pick them up. In addition, fold them nicely on the chair.

Good girl now crawl over to me. I pause at his request then His voice rises up. Crawl to me now. I get on all four and crawl over to the bed. Now baby girl, what do you want? I say that I want your black cock in me. Anywhere he replies, Yes anywhere. I just want to feel your black cock in me.

Good lil white trash slut. He says. He positions his cock in front of my face. I lean forward to lick it. He grabs my head and stops me. Not until I say you're ready. He takes it and smacks my face with his massive member. Do you like sucking on black dicks, baby girl? I say yes very much. All you white girls like sucking dick that’s why use black men like using you…

Beg me to let you suck my cock, Ron says.
May I please suck on your wonderful black cock, pleeeeeaaaasee. Ask me to fuck your face with my cock. Please fuck my face with your black cock Ron, I want it so bad.
He tells me to start sucking. I grab onto his cock like a baby reaching for a bottle. I have been dreaming of this cock all day long and it showed in my blowjob. I licked, sucked, and slobbered all over his cock. H grabs my head and tells me to stop. I pull back and he tells me to get on the bed. I get on the bed with my head off the bed a lil bit.

Beg me to fuck your face, baby girl.
Please fuck my face…I want to taste that wonderful black seed in my mouth. He slowly begins to fuck my face and I moan and slobber over it. My hand begins to move toward my pussy and I start to rub it. He slams his cock into my mouth and I start to choke.

Don’t touch that pussy until I say so. My hand moves away and he continues to fuck my face. Beg for my cum babygirl…I wanna swallow every drop of black cum you have Ron, please give it to me.

Very nice my lil white whore. His cock moves in and out and I'm loving every second of it. He pulls back and out of my mouth telling me to close my mouth. I close my mouth and feel streams of cum begin to hit my face. I lay their face covered in cum.

You didn’t deserve to swallow my cum this time and don’t wipe it off. Did you swallow every drop of cum from the guys that you sucked off? I said yes. You know what that makes your right.
I said yes, I'm a black cock slut. Yes, you are but your all mine now.
Now get on all fours and I am gonna give you what you want. My black cock deep in that slutty white pussy and that big ass. If you thought I was gonna go down on you, you were dead wrong. Ron says. I really didn’t care; I just wanted his cock inside me. I waited in anticipation while begging Ron to fuck me. I feel his cock head press against my pussy lips. I purr like a kitten. He asks if I like that. I say yes oh god yes. He sticks the head in and it feels amazing. He begins to feed inch by inch into my pussy.

I moan out, I love your cock in me….He smacks my ass….say it right you lil whore. I love having your black cock inside my pussy Ron. He starts to move in and out and I cum almost instantly. He continues to pick up the pace as he grabs onto my dress and begins to pound my ass like there no tomorrow. I moan and scream in ecstasy. I never had it this good I was thinking to myself. I scream out, fuck my pussy with that wonderful black cock of your…Im your lil black cock slut.

Again, baby girl, I repeated it over and over and he pounds my pussy harder and harder. Each orgasm was becoming more intense as this black Adonis raped my pussy. I loved every moment and knew Id do anything to this feeling again. He then slams his cock deep into me and slowly pulls it out and does this over and over again. You like it this way or do you like me pounding that pussy of yours. I scream out Pound my pussy with your black cock Ron; Please rape your lil sluts white pussy. He picks up the pace and wave after wave of orgasm fill my body. He pulls out of my stretched and worn out pussy and lets me free from his grasp and I collapse onto the bed with this feeling of emptiness in my pussy. I lay there exhausted and Ron lies next to me on his back. Did my lil white slut like that. I smiled and said yes. Good, Now get your ass up and ride me time for your slutty ass to do some work. My legs were like jello. I managed to get on top of Ron and begin to position my sore pussy over his cock. I stop me and tell me to turn around.

I don’t wanna look at your cum dried face.I turn around and mount his massive black cock and that feeling of emptiness dissipates. I begin to work his cock in and out of my pussy. I increased the pace that I was riding him, while moaning out. How much I love his cock inside me.

Ride that black cock, you lil slut. Ron bellows out. His words were like magic and I began to ride him like there was no tomorrow. His hands began to fondle and squeeze my breasts. He pinches my nipples.

Damn girl, you’re the first slut that I met with tits that big and real, I may have to put them to use tonight also. I moan out, you can do whatever you want to my baby, I'm all yours.I slow down my riding and get his cock deep into my pussy and begin to grind my hips on his groin. Ron moans softly and tells me to keep doing that. I continue to grind and feel his hand over my clit and starts to rub it. His strong fingers and massive cock sent me into orgasm repeatedly.

Ron orders me to get off him and stand up next to the bed. I stand up and buckle, as my legs were jello. Get me a glass of water bitch. I walk to the kitchen naked and sore and the cool breeze from the refrigerator felt so good against my body. I walked back and gave him a bottle of water.

Do you like having my dick in your pussy? I smiled and told him that I loved having his black cock inside me. Good girl, you have learned the correct answer. Have you ever had a black man’s dick in your ass? I told him many times. Typical slut Ron says. Do you want my cock in your ass? I eagerly nod my head yes, I want your black cock in my ass.

Why my lil white tease? Because im your black cock slut and do whatever you want me too. Good girl.

Now take my clothes into the living room, stand over that chair, and wait for me. I do what he says and grab onto the arms of the chair and wait for Ron to pound my ass just as he did my pussy. I feel a pair of strong hands grab onto my waist and the tip of his cock pressed against my asshole. What you do want baby girl? Pound my ass with your wonderful black cock Ron. Before I can even finish the statement, his cock begins to make its way into my ass. I moan in ecstasy. He slowly moves it in and out until my ass gets used to having his massive cock inside. He cups my breasts and squeezes and then moves his hands back down to my waist and begins to move his cock in and out of my ass harder and harder.

I scream out that I love being fucked by black cock, which seemed to make Ron increase the pace. He pounded my ass repeatedly and I loved every moment. I hear a loud smack across my ass and moan out. Oh yes, baby…again.

What are you Ron screams out. I'm your black cock slut Ron. Louder. I scream out im your black cock slut Ron He pulls out and tells me to turn around and get on ur knees. I turn around and fall to the ground. With a void in my ass that can only be filled by Ron’s cock. Now squeeze those big white tits together so I can fuck them. I squeeze my breasts together and Ron begins to titty fuck me.

You like that slut.
I say yes. He continues to fuck my tits faster and faster and tells me to open my mouth. I open my mouth wide and he shoves his cock into my mouth and unloads wave after wave of cum into my mouth. As I am sucking him dry and he tells me that I had better not spill a drop. I swallowed every drop and cleaned his cock off. He pulls back and I collapse to the floor.

You did very well slut, I may have to fuck you again. I begged him to fuck me as often as you like and im your black cock slut. He smiled and says yes I know. He walked out and took a shower and I lay there exhausted wondering what round two was gonna be like. He walked into the living room and began to get dressed. Too weak to walk, I crawled into the living to see what was up.

I'm done with you tonight. I may be back tomorrow if I don’t find anything better. At least I know now that some of the brothers weren’t lying when they say you were a great fuck. Now get some rest you may need it. He walked out the door and I went to bed. I was exhausted and all I wanted to do a dream about what just happened. I crawled into my soaked bed and fell asleep with a smile on my face. I knew this would be a fun summer.