It was only going to be a meet n greet / Dallas-Fort Worth

So it started out to be a meet n greet yesterday in the mid-cities. We have chatted for about a week on rocktie. We did the polite introductions and I sat in the couples living room on a sofa yesterday morning while the man and woman each had separate stuffed chairs. He was in his 50’s and she in her 40’s. I didn’t expect anything to happen but the woman got up and went to the back of the house. The man excused himself a minute later. So I’m sitting along for about 15 minutes listening to music and wondering what the fuck is going on. The man comes back and says she’s ready. Wow. She was on the bed blindfolded and we both started to play with her tits, one mouth on each nipple, rubbed her clit, stretched her out and the man said fuck her good. I sure did and pumped her full while she sucked him quite well. She kept saying fuck me harder. So I did. She wasn’t done so he mounted her while my cock was in her mouth. She kept coming and when he was done she used a vibrator. Damn what a good time and I can’t wait for the next time when we tie her up.

Sexual Confession