The musings of me on the journey to become a pornstar

The musings of  me on the journey to become a pornstar
Ok people hi I've noticed you all have left comments and likes on my pictures and videos and I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate the attention ...I'm very knew to the life style and while 8m not a shy person I'm still a lil awkward when broaching this whole thing .....after a life time of being as rebellious as possible while fighting my sexual nature and ending in a series of abusive relationships with super controlling jealous men ..I met the most wonderful person In The world who helps me grow everyday while allowing me the freedom to be myself and Deals with the truama that still makes me a difficult and delicate kitten to handle ..he is without a doubt my greatest asset and my bestest friend .Jay I love you. As for you all of anyone would maybe like to aquire personalized videos Keepsakes and or donations for beauty upgrades shopping or anything that helps in the advancement of getting my ass out there !! N I mean out there lol thank you so much !! I'll try to post more blog more and video more ...but ya know it's tough out here xoxoxo

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