How to Start Sharing Your Wife with BBC - Cuckold

How to Start Sharing Your Wife with BBC - Cuckold
Begin by dressing her in a very sexy outfit, then take her to a bar/lounge/club. Have her sit alone while you watch from a safe distance. Create a story: where she's waiting for her husband, who is running late again. If you're specifically looking for her to interact with black men (or any race), she should only accept drinks or engage in conversations with them. Make sure she wears a very short skirt without any underwear.
She can say that her husband likes her to dress this way for date night (but he's not getting any tonight for being late, etc.). If she doesn't like a guy she's talking to, have a plan in place to handle that situation.
After making a connection and flirting, she can make an excuse that she's tired of waiting and needs someone to walk her to her car. The car should be parked in a well-trafficked area or where you both feel more comfortable. Once there she can thank him with a simple kiss good night. The kiss can be quick or long-lasting (up to her) or if you both seek more she can invite him in the back seat, depending on what you and the wife are comfortable with. It's entirely up to you and the wife to decide how far to go.
When the husband feels he's had enough of watching, he can send her a text saying he's almost there. This plan has been known to work well for many couples over the years.
Remember, communication and consent are key in any adventurous endeavor. Have fun, be safe, and create unforgettable memories together!

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