GOOD Morning

It’s semi-early in the morning, about an hour or so before you need to get going for the day. I am sleeping and you don't want to fall back asleep because then you'll have to try to force yourself awake again. You look over in me you see my mouth open my eyes closed and I'm obviously deeply sleeping. You peek under the covers and see that I am sporting some morning wood. This point in time you slide your underwear off and smoothly slide on top of me. You lean forward and dangle your breasts in my face like a worm on a hook, as you begin to place your nipple in my open mouth. As soon as your breast hits my lips, I begin to shut my mouth but my tongue flicks the nipple and recognizes it's familiar rough and bumpy texture. The tongue with all its nerves can sense so much...the semi-moist and tacky nipple, it's sensitive smooth skin texture with occasional bumps and divots in it. In addition, the exceptionally smooth skin on the areola with more bumps and follicles. As opposed to the other silky smooth skin of the remaining breast. The tongue can tell the energy of your body by simply touching your nipple. It senses you're wide awake and excited to touch me and feel me yet again. At this point in time, you pull my boxer-briefs about 6 inches below my ball sack and gently take my penis and place it in your warm vagina.  You feel the temperature of my erect rod inside you.  You move your body back and forth, up and down, feeling me inside you and I am feeling y you from inside.  You begin moaning as you are grabbing and squeezing your own breast.  I am pretending to remain asleep, and my morning wood has changed in to the “Damn I want her BAD” wood.  I keep my eyes closed to act as if I am sleeping but I peek from time to time to watch you enjoy yourself.  The quiet moaning is so hot as you attempt not to wake anyone including the neighbors. As you find the perfect rhythm that hits all the right places, you lean back arching, pointing your breasts almost totally up in the air.  As you are grabbing your left breast with your left hand your right hand goes behind you to the bed to balance yourself.  As you do that your hand gently brushes against my genitals.  Your finger felt my ball sack as you moved and it walks it way until your whole hand is grabbing my silky smooth and shaved sack.  You begin feeling the balls in the sack as you are still moving back and forth.  You feel the veins now engorged with blood and now my penis and balls are swelling as the begin filling with semen.  At this point I can feel your heart RACING through your vagina and into my cock.  You are now disposing of the idea of not waking anyone as you want to take control.  This was supposed to be a nice early morning quickey for you, but now it has changed to a full on sex session.  You think to yourself “I can NOT go on with my day with out more of Colin!”  At this point you quickly jump off of me, grab me by my arm, and slide my head to the edge of the bed.  You grab me by the armpits and pull my head just hanging off the edge of the bed. You then take your vagina and place it directly over my mouth.  I am, of course, smiling by now knowing this is driving you crazy.  You bend over as my face, my mouth is your bicycle seat, and you push my briefs as far down my legs as possible.  At this moment, you place my cock, now covered in your juices in your mouth as I am deeply engrossed in your vagina.  I am using my hands to pull you in to my face and am using gravity to flick your clit.  As you are going to town on my dick, feeling the main vein and the smooth yet wavey cock with your tongue, I decide to squeeze your ass tightly and suck on your clit.  By now your juices are all over my face and I am feeling like a KING.  I notice that you start sucking on my balls when you are getting closer to orgasming.  You pause as I feel your legs shake with your orgasm. You begin screaming “God Damnit Colin! Do Not Stop!!!”  I continue doing this for another few minutes that feels like forever to you.  As I notice that you are no longer enjoying my dick (or are too distracted) I use my body and push you back up slowly. As I slide out from under you, I am now standing next to you.  I grab you by the shoulders and throw you down to the bed.  I pin your arms to your side and thrush that wavey smooth dick deep inside you once, twice, three times and then more and more over and over.  First slowly and then faster and faster. As I reach a rhythm that both of our bodies are feeling the maximum energy, Where I feel like I am going to burst like a flooding damn.  I will release your left arm to firmly grab and apply pressure to your neck.  My smile has turned from a smile to a scowl as I am going to moan as I burst inside you.  You and I lock eyes as you look venerably in my eyes and begin to beg…”Cum in me.  Please cum in me.”  I let loose like a fire hose.  I release the pressure that YOU built up inside me.  The stress of the week, Month Year all flowing out of me.  You take it all as you feel the warmth spread inside you.  WE continue for anther 4 or 5 minutes going back and forth, in and out.  Until our hot and sweaty bodies feel lifeless. You grab me tightly with your arms and hold me against you.  You don’t want me to move because you are sensitive.  Even as my heart beats, you feel your clit feels the movement.  You are still shaking, and we are both sweating, sticking together.  I keep my penis inside you as I want to hold you.  You look over at the clock and realize that there will be no shower this morning as you must get going.  You plead for me to get off you as I hold you tight, with my face in your ample breasts.  By now I am flicking and playing with your nipples with my tongue. You consider what you have to do today versus what you want to do today and tell me to stop for one second.  I stop and say “What?  What’s wrong?“  You reply with “Hand me my phone.” I immediately do as if I am your servant or slave.  You call a number and explain that you will not be able to do whatever you needed to do (work, see a friend, whatever) and hand up.  You call me a son of a bitch and tell me that I better get a little rest because you are going to try to break me in an hour or so. We both look deep in to each others eyes and smile.  Understanding that what we have is nothing like anything we have ever experienced.  We kiss each other and take a brief respite. 

Sexual Confession