GOOD Evening

We had just walked into our hotel room and you had stopped to put down your purse. The room was a typical hotel room with a bed, couch, table and chair. In this dream after you stopped to put your bag down, I walked up behind you. I Wrapped my arms around you tightly, breathing on your neck & ear. Slowly going in to kiss your neck. One of my arms holds yours down while my hands start playing with your breasts. Full cup squeeze to start. Then tracing circles around your nipples. I then switch from kissing your neck to nibbling on your ear. I started gently squeezing your nipples. Slowly, then harder till I got the gasp signal from you. Then let off a bit. Next, I will start rolling my fingers as I pinch them between my fingers, flattening those pink beauties almost flat.. I turn you around fast, pull your shirt part way up, holding your arms in the shirt. I kiss all the way from your lips to your breasts. Then I go right for the nipples, sucking hard, flicking, and playing with my tongue. I push a leg between yours, and my knee just below your pussy, so that my thigh is pressing against your clit. I am able to feel it getting hotter and wetter. I let your arms go, holding your head, controlling it, as I kiss you. You will be crouching on my leg, humping my leg, trying to get off on it when all of a sudden, the first orgasm hits. When it is over, the frantic stripping of each other will begin. Not even seconds pass as all of our clothes hit the floor where we stand. We are both totally naked now. I push you I will bend you over the end of the couch. Coming up behind you I will start rubbing my hard cock up & down your pussy lips to get it wet. I'm going to stick the big mushroom shaped head in you, then grab your hips. Slowly pushing it in till you gasp. And I will stop. Am I teasing you? I will then suddenly slam it all the way in & hold again. Slowly & methodical, but powerful, thrusting in & out. Pulling out till just the tip of my cock is in inside of you, then all the way back in. The angle makes it so my cock is rubbing your G spot. I will go in & out. Slowly picking up speed. Till my balls are slapping so hard on your clit until you begin thinking it must be raw because it hurts. I will listen for the change in your breathing & moaning. I will keep hammering you till you explode. I will stay buried deep in your pussy as it contracts tightly around my cock. I will keep it all the way in until your orgasm subsides. Then I'll pull it out fast and you’re your vagina will make a loud pop. Now I will walk around you, in front of you. You can see the sweat beading up on my chest. You can feel the heat radiating from my body. You see my hard cock soaking wet in your juices, throbbing with my heartbeat. Now, I am going to lift you up & THROW you on to the bed. You begin to wiggle and squirm as if to back off the other side of the bed. I grab you by your ankles and pull you too me. Your ass on the edge of the bed, legs in the air. You will ask if you can ride me now. You beg, “Please, Please let me ride you”. Of course I say “Yes” as I lean forward to kiss you. As my lips are about 6 inches from yours, I quickly will thrust my hard long cock all the way in you AGAIN. I love to play with your tits as I fuck you over and over. I squeeze and play with them as go to town on you some more. Playing with those beautiful BEAUTIFUL sexy fun bags as your ankles rest on my shoulders. As you are moaning and screaming begging me to either cum or stop, you begin, just for a second, to resent me. Although you love the idea of having sex for 2 or 3 hours, you remember that you are so tired halfway through it you just want to see me pleased. Next, I gradually stop and slowly and smoothly pull out. At that point I will collapse on the bed next to you, gazing into your beautiful eyes. You gaze into my eyes briefly, smile and quickly you pounce on me like a tiger attacking a gazelle. Wanting more of my dick, you quickly grab it, filling your small hand with its hot sloppy mess and stick it in your warm wet pussy. You begin riding me like a cowgirl, as you are grinding it. As your tempo goes faster and faster, you begin to feel my pelvis against your clit. You keep adjusting yourself on top of me till you get the angle just right so I can hit all the right spots inside & outside of you. You use me as your personal play toy. A little to the left and little to the right. You love feeling every inch of it deep inside you. As your next big orgasm is building, I can feel myself wanting to cum also, I want to bust inside you with every ounce of my being. Your pussy is contracting on my cock. Milking me, as if I am a momma cow. I try to resist. I want to keep going for hours to come. As I grunt, you feel my cock throbbing harder than is had up to now. It seems to you that it has transformed from the hard flesh covered beauty that it once was and now feels as it has become a hard steel weapon of death now inside you. As you wonder what will happen when it fires, you have a brief hesitation before it shoots its hot, creamy load deep inside of you. You feel it shoot and fill you as it continues. You keep going and going until I am dry, dry as the Sahara and you feel that warm creaminess begin to trickle out down your taint to your ass hole where it sits momentarily. It makes your whole body shake and you can barely keep yourself upright. You collapse on top of me, and we take ahold of each other and rest as your remaining juices slowly exit you and run on to me & then on to the bedding. As we rest, we smile, maybe giggle thinking about round two…or three or four... I have the next round already planned

Fantasy Confession