Masterbating for me at a rest stop

When I was a sales person and drove to my customer meeting out of town, I would stop and masterbate on road stops to stop my urge to pee. I typically pulled to the back area and dropped my panties and put my left let up on the dashboard and went to work on my clit. Then one time I had closed my eyes and when I opened the just as I was about to orgasm I locked eyes with a guy staring at me. I was so turned on I didn’t stop. I even unbuttoned my shirt to give me a look at my breasts. It was one of the strongest climaxes of my life.

My Sexual Story 
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I don't know if I believe this. Let me have my way with you, record it all, post it to this site & I will truly believe you.

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Not sure if I could've just stood and just watched. I would've have had to pull it out and join you. Fire Devil

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