Fearing Payback

I was on a business trip in a US coastal city when I ran into a group of guys having bachelor party. They asked me to join them for a drink. Several drinks and hours late I found myself in the best man’s room with the bachelor and the best man. I danced for them and the fucked each of of them as the other watched. My present to the bachelor was letting me give me a facial, followed by my cleaning up all the cum as they watched.

Sexual Confession 
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I went to Vegas with my friend to keep him company as his wife was there for a bachelorette party for her sister... I got woken up about 2 AM when someone crawled into my bed and snuggled up.. It was the bride-to-be... I wasn't gonna pass up a woman next to me in bed. I proceeded to help fuck her brains out. In the morning I found out it was my friend's wife not the sister.. Apparently the sister went in the connecting room next door And proceeded to fuck her brother-in-law... I woke up to hear and moans Got up and walked in as she was ridng my friend's cock. I got behind her and also decided to put my cock in her ass and we both tagged her then dump loads in her pussy and ass. After that my friend got out of bed and went in the other room and snuggled up with his wife... About an hour Later We heard moaning and decided to go to the connecting room... I told her to go sit on her brother-in-law's face and I was going to fuck her sister's ass.... Needless to say after breakfast we decided to pile in one bed and just fuck each other's brains out... What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.... 9 months later both sisters had kids... Anyone's guess As to who the fathers were, and it wasn't the new bride's husband.. I'm pretty sure I father'd both because both kids looked like me, lol.. 1 boy 1 girl blonde hair both, nose Like mine and blue eyes... gorgeous kids.

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