Wife unleashed…

Wife unleashed…
We have been in the lifestyle for roughly 13 years.. I met my wife 30 years ago when she was 15 and I was 18. We’ve been married for 22 years. During our time in the lifestyle she’s been extremely picky to who she will play with which is fine… we’ve played with 6 couples, 3 single guys, 2 single females… it’s been a blast! We just went to Nashville for her birthday in January and met a couple from another site for a full swap… then my wife surprised me by picking up a guy at the bar we were at and bringing him back for a mfm!!! So much fun that weekend!!! It doesn’t stop there… something in her switched after that… she’s never been one to have naked pictures taken or posted anywhere for anyone to see… but now she said “hey honey what do you think about taking pictures and videos of me and us and me selling them”… I’m in shock… this isn’t my wife talking right?!? I let it go and then this last weekend she said “hey I started an OnlyFans account to sell pictures and videos”… I’m like you did what?!? She showed me and told me she had sold a few… I’m excited at this point so we started making out and ended up fucking… while we were fucking, like we normally do, we talked about fucking others… she said “it would be so hot if guys wanted to fuck me so bad that they paid to funk me”.. then she came harder than she has in awhile… since then she keeps talking about it and is serious about these new fantasies… I think I unleashed a beast and I LOVE IT!!!

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I’ll be the next

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Fuck! Let us know when your in Des Moines Huh!?!?

Love seeing her Hellacious cleavage. Love to see her entire curvaceous body

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