Squiting 22-year-old female

Squiting 22-year-old female
This is a submissive 22-year-old healthy female I picked up from a club who ended up having multiple hard orgasms in my car. She squirted 4 times in my mouth and I have to say I did try my best to drink every last drop. The best part (for me) was I ate her asshole really good for a very long time, which got her uncontrollably turned on and couldn't stop having orgasms. She was so turned on that she begged me to fuck, I reply back and told her I didn't have a condom, and her answer was I don't care, please fuck me. I did pull out just before cumming, told her to swallow every last drop and keep eye contact with me, what a good little girl she was. We took a break to talk but after we started to kiss goodbye (make out) she got turned again, even more submissive... so I ended up fucking her again. She did mention that nobody has ever eaten her asshole before or been with an older man. In the end, she gave me her number, address and told me where she worked without me asking for anything.

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