Sleeping wife

True story, my wife and I had a few friends over one evening, everyone was having a good time, my wife had to much to drink and excused herself and went to bed, around one in the morning all our friends left with the exception of Steve, who helped me clean up a bit, afterwards I told him I had to go check on my wife, he asked if he could check on her also, I smiled and said sure; when we entered the bedroom, my wife was laying flat on her stomach on the bed, the skirt she had on rode up past her ass and her thong yellow panties and ass cheeks was on display, Steve asked if he could touch, I told him just look for now, but did spread her ass cheeks for him to get a good view of her hairy pussy.

Sexual Confession 


Very good and I would like to be there too

What??? That's it ???

Can I be Steve next?

Hot. What happened next time?