Licking up own cum

Licking up own cum

They other day I was having sex with a beautiful girl, Sexy as fuck body and horny. We were going at it using a condom and half way through she pulls the condom off and says that I should cum in her pussy but I have to lick it out. This I have never done before and instantly thought no but she pulled me back into her and the skin on skin feels so good so I think to myself just do it. We go at it and I did not last long at this point and next second I have dumped to biggest load in her pussy, I sit there for a second and she pushes my head down there to start licking it up. As soon as my tongue touches her pussy she starts to have a massive orgasm making me really get into it and forgetting that I’m eating my own and She actually squirts as well.
It didn’t taste that bad and if I get that sort of orgasm out of a women I’ll do that every time.
Let me know your thoughts on this, is it something a lot of women like or was this a one off?

Sexual Confession 

If she can swallow cum, I can lick it out of her. I find the most enjoyment being cuckolded and cleaning her before I am allowed to cum.

Sexy experience, never done but sure would if those would be the result

been there did that and sucked lot of cum out of my girlfriend's pussy,some that was mine and some I didn't know wasn't mine,it all tastes good.

I hate my friend's wife's cunt of few weeks ago with his load inside her pussy....made her squirt all over my face. She had a massive orgasm.... And then put my own load inside of well.... Then my friend went down and ate out. Her pussy set off another orgasm. And while she was doing that, I was fucking her throat.... We also double penetrated our pussy... Made her go crazy..