Dreams can Cum true

Dreams can Cum true
Since I was 11, I've had a recurring dream. In this dream, I have the ability to suck myself easily. My cock slides in and out of my mouth and throat as I slurp myself to completion. It's been a great dream and I usually get to change my sheets the next morning, my load soaking them and my pajamas every time. So a few years later, I have a friend come over to stay the night with me. We goof off, play video games, get tired, and get laid down to sleep. I'm in my bed, and he's on a palet of pillows and blankets on the floor nearby. I slip off as soon as my head hits the pillow, and like every other time before, the dream begins. Each time I have the dream, it's very vivid, and the location is the place where I'm currently asleep. I feel my erection swelling in my boxers, and my hand moves down to release the throbbing member and stroke it to full size. I push the covers away and lean forward to kiss my tip and slurp on the head as I stroke it up and down. My cock slides in my lips and I am starting to taste the salty precum on my tip. Moaning and panting I suck my cock like only I know how to. My eager mouth and throat gulp my shaft in and out as I see something move in the shadows. Oh my God, I had forgotten about my friend on the floor. I stopped and slid my cock out of my mouth, our eyes locked on one another. All I could think to say was " I can teach you how to do it if you want me to?" My friend moved close to my bedside and nodded in excitement. I resumed my self sucking and whispered instructions to him between slurping. He was wide eyed and focused on my cock and mouth as I slipped it in and out. I told him everything I knew and stopped to ask if he had any questions. He shook his head no, I told him he could try it now if he'd like to. He shook his head and bent over to suck on himself as I watched. He was rock-hard and leaking precum before the tip was in his mouth. Once he was started, I went back to my own shaft. He was openly watching me, and I felt like he was wanting to suck my rod. I stopped and asked him what he was staring at? He stopped sucking himself and said "yours is nice. Can I have a try?" I was going to say no and call him gay, but he was drooling and looked eager to trymine. I told him he could try it, but I wasn't really sure if I was going to like it. He jumped in the bed and had my cock in his throat in a flash. His tounge was twirling and mouth slurping. I was trying not to moan with ecstasy. He slobbered and slurped me so nicely, I wanted to suck my cock but I wasn't going to stop him for anything short of completion. His cock was bouncing up and down infront of my face. Teasingly waving and swaying. Tempting me to have a taste of it .his mouth pulled free from my shaft and he said i could suck his if id loke. He began to suck me deeper and faster as I grabbed his dripping dick. Stroking it as i mobed closer and opened my lips to suck on his tip. His moaning was very nice on my cock, and i instantly wanted to make him more satisfied with my mouth . We were slurping and moaning and panting and stroking in unison for what seemed like forever, when I felt his shaft begin to pulse and throb. His cum was close to shooting down his shaft and any pump now it would squirt my tounge. He tried to pull free and I grabbed his hips to press him deeper. He sprayed my throat as cum erupted in my mouth. He squealed in ecstasy, his moans and slurping mouth begging for my release. He didn't wait long, my cock pulsating and throbbing over and over again as the biggest nut I'd ever shot burst free of my shaft. His mouth panting and swallowed 3 times before I was done. We both slumped and he crawled to his palet. We passed out. I awoke the next morning and expected to have wet sheets and sticky boxers like always. Nothing. I could taste the salty trace of cum on my lips. I saw him , he woke up and looked at me. I was so scared. Did I suck his dick? Did we 69? He smiled at me. Good morning. He said. Then got up and went to brush his teeth. I laid there, to stunned to talk. I couldn't ask him if I sucked his cock. He was not saying anything about it either. Later that morning, he was about to go home. I was still freaked out, but he still hadn't said anything. He said " I'm going to head home now, last night was awesome and I hope that we do it again soon. " and walked out..... I never asked him, but I am sure we had sucked each other off. And I wish I could have done it again.

Sexual Confession 
Beaumont, Texas, United States