Cuckled experience

Cuckled experience
I had an interesting and rather unusual experience with a couple once where they invited me to come to their hotel room where the wife was naked and blindfolded on the bed. I was forbidden to speak, but was allowed to do anything I wanted. She was shaking with nervous anticipation as I touched, stroked and played with her and her pussy was absolutely sopping wet by the time I first touched her pussy lips with my fingers. She was almost howling with excitement and anticipation as I parted her legs and prepared to enter her. She began to orgasm the very moment I slid my cock inside her. She obviously loved every second of it, but we never spoke a word to each other the whole time I was there. Her husband was clearly enjoying it too because he was wanking himself silly standing beside the bed. When I was done and dressed, he stepped out into the hotel corridor with me and thanked me profusely for making the fantasy come to life for them both in such a perfect way. It was an odd experience, but it was incredibly exciting.

Sexual Confession 
Naperville, Illinois, United States