My Wife's First and Real Love

My Wife's First and Real Love
My wife has always been a horny girl. She grew up in a not-so-nice neighborhood, and one summer day while still in high school, one of her dad's co-workers came by the house (while her dad was at work). This encounter started a sexual relationship between them. She said that it went on for almost a year until he eventually moved out of the state. She admits he was her first love and that they had a black-daddy sex relationship. When I get her drunk I get her to admit she wishes she could see him again just to be his white whore for a few days. She doesn't know that I am aware she tried several times in the past to look him up on social media with no success. A few weeks ago, she found him on an adult site (the comment section) and they have been chatting and exchanging pictures online ever since. It turns me on to read her chats (so far he has not requested any nude photos), but I have to admit I'm lucky he is married and lives in a different state.

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