First time alone

First time alone

My first time going solo was totally by chance. It was supposed to be me, my husband, and our friend, but hubby wasn't feeling up to it and he said, "Go ahead and meet him, we already got the room." I was nervous as hell but I agreed and headed out to our favorite hotel. When I got there, I had to wait a while before HE showed up so hubby and I were texting.

Hubby: Is he there yet?

Me: No but he said soon.

H: How do you feel?

Me: Nervous as hell but horny beyond belief

H: Mmm. Bring me home a full pussy

Not long after, Ray showed up.

Since we'd already been together, there really was no need for much small talk and we began to kiss. I could feel his thick cock growing and it made me incredibly aroused, my pussy leaking in my panties. Ray loves eating my pussy and ass and pushed me back on the bed so he could get to both. Pushing my panties aside, he drove his tongue into my slit sucking up my juice as he worked his way up to my clit.

I'm not a hotwife, I'm a vixen. Hubby is always there. So doing this was already as taboo as I can get. I don't fuck other men, right? I just do it for hubby? I would never fuck someone else alone, without hubby? No, how could I. This is for HIM. I'm not SUPPOSED to enjoy it, am I?

So why am I loving this? Why am I so into Ray that I want him to keep going, not stopping...and I know hubby is at home with the kids. I grab Ray's head and push myself against his mouth. Damn I love my husband.

I don't usually cum fast but he knew exactly what to do, not just focusing on my clit but also my ass. Feeling his long, firm tongue probing my asshole drove me crazy. Hubby doesn't usually do it so it was something I didn't realize I was into but as Ray probed deeper and also paid attention to my slit and clit had me over the top soon. I'm not usually a squirter but DAMN. And he wouldn't stop. He kept eating, licking, sucking, bringing me over the edge over and over as he consumed my juice, my cream, my everything.

Sexual Confession 
Bakersfield, California, United States

Love your very curvaceous body. I would take sloppy seconds from Ray any time. Love my seducing your pussy & ass while he is in your mouth

Awesome start, but don't leave us hanging. That's painful.

Wow awesome

Sexy as fuck