Going down on Downi

Going down on Downi

Was at my friends girlfriends house. But they were just friends. My buddy took off to score some tree. And it was gonna be awhile.. And its already 2a.m and Darla was in bed. So i crept in her room and from the foot of the bed i went under the covers to her pussy n started eating her out and after a few minutes her hands were on top of my head forcing me deeper. And im wondering who she thinks it is, cuz she had no idea i was there. Finally i come up to her big ass titties and start sucking them and here im totally getting off on the fact that she doesn't know its me lol and i didn't give a fuck who she thought it was either lol.. So im really taking my time moving up to her face to give her some tounge. Soo finally i work my way up to her nice lips and start tounging her slow n wet untill she looks into my eyes and said holy fucking shittttt i thought u were Cal the whole time. And i asked her if she was disappointed or mad.. And then she says are you gonna fuck me nowww or what? I said after you suck my cock i would love too. She gave me a condom and we fucked till Cal got backk with some primo green...... Pretty hot...

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I didn't perv I fucked the hell out of her as she did to me. and no I didn't tell him shit. But I he found out anyways. I think it was when he was fucking her when she had been drinking and while he was she said fuckkk me Joey, lolol