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We're not talking about the giant cruises or hotel takeovers here. We're talking about something much, much smaller and more intimate. We're branching out in our tastes, slowly. After having had one or two sleepovers with other couples, we're thinking that short vacations with other couples might be fun too (kayaking, sex, gourmet dinners, sex, sightseeing, sex, etc...). We suspect that, if two or more couples all liked each other, it might be fun to go on little vacations together. We're already thinking about inviting a couple on this site (you know who you are) to go kayaking with us, among other things. Are there any other couples out there who have thought about this? Where would you like to go? And if you've already done this, what are your experiences?

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Count me in.

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We're definitely going to try this. From everything we've read on this site and elsewhere, it all seems to depend on the chemistry between the couples.

We did it last summer and for the most part it was a pretty good. Other than some jealousy issues we had a great time out of the bedroom. They decided to cut off communication afterwards which I understand why they did it. We would do it again

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We have gone to Fredericksburg TX. And rented a small cottage for weekend. Very intimate and secluded from everyone else. Now we also swapped partners for the whole weekend. It was one of the best mini vacations we have had in a long time.. we are looking for another couple we can do that with...