Upgrade Payment Options

#1. Credit Card or Paypal

✓ instant upgrade
✓ one-time payment / no auto-pay
✓ semi-anonymous
✓ credit card statement will appear as "RTAdvetise"

#2. CashApp

✓ one-time payment / no auto-pay
✓ anonymous

#3. Venmo

✓ one-time payment / no auto-pay
✓ Our Venmo privacy is set to Private
✓ anonymous

#4. Google Pay

✓ one-time payment / no auto-pay
✓ anonymous

#5. Solana Crypto (Coinbase)

✓ one-time payment / no auto-pay
✓ anonymous

#6. Stellar (Tokens)

✓ one-time payment / no auto-pay
✓ anonymous

! Prepaid Gift Cards Info


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If you have any questions contact us.