The Awakening Of Humanity

The Great Global Awakening

A global awakening is occurring right now. This awakening is being driven by a shift in consciousness, cosmic factors such as cosmic rays and solar activity, and by a soul decision each one of us is making out of a greater realization that we have out grown our current experience we are co-creating here on earth. This can be seen and felt by how little sense the world seems to make these days and by feeling the need to change it. That change is coming from within and is tough for many of us to ignore. We have the science, ancient knowledge and spiritual confirmations that what is taking place here is the mass awakening of the entire population that will cause unprecedented change on the planet. It’s not a matter of if this is happening, but when we are willing to accept and embrace the reality. Millions are already engaged in this shift and each day, as more and more become aware of what is happening, we open ourselves up to a world of possibility. Info by