Buy Credits

What are Credits for? Credits are used to buy virtual stickers. Stickers can be used to brand your profile page and they can also be sent to other members.

  • 100 Credits - $14.95 USD (one-time / no auto-pay)
  • 200 Credits - $19.95 USD (one-time / no auto-pay)
  • 300 Credits - $24.95 USD (one-time / no auto-pay)

Buy Credits w/ Paypal

Credit Amount

Buy Credits w/ Cashapp - Venmo

Buy Credits w/ CashApp
Pay with CashApp
Buy Credits w/ Venmo
Pay with Venmo

1. Our Cashapp & Venmo Email =
2. On the "For box"/"What's it for?" type the rocktie id number 0 (don't forget)
3. If prompt to enter the last four digits of RTAdvertise phone enter 6337

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have purchase credits, contact Jennifer here and type "Payment for Credits sent".