Buy Credits

What are Credits for? Credits are used to brand your profile (make a statement with Stickers) or to send stickers as a gift to other members.

  • 100 Credits - $14.95 USD (one-time / no auto-pay)
  • 200 Credits - $19.95 USD (one-time / no auto-pay)
  • 300 Credits - $24.95 USD (one-time / no auto-pay)

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Credit Amount

Buy Credits w/ Cashapp - Venmo

Buy Credits w/ CashApp
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Buy Credits w/ Venmo
Pay with Venmo

1. Our Cashapp & Venmo Email =
2. On the "For box"/"What's it for?" type " Credits for Id # 0 " (important).
3. If prompt to enter the last four digits of RTAdvertise phone enter 6337

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have purchase credits, contact Jennifer here and type "Payment for Credits sent".