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Important Notes:

After paying with Stipe, contact Jennifer here and type "Paid for Membership via Stripe (include the dollar amount)".

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Membership FAQ.

Do paid members have more fun?


Will my credit card be charged again?

No, plans are a one-time payment.

What about my payment privacy?

For your privacy and convenience, charges made to your credit card will appear as 'RTAdvetise' on your statement. In addition, we offer a range of discreet payment options including Venmo, Cashapp, GPay, and various crypto, to cater to your preference for anonymity.

What are the the payment options?

Our payment options are CCBIll, Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, GPay & Crypto. You will find them here.

What happens once my paid account expires?

Once paid account expire your account will automatically go back to free status.

Do you offer trial period membership?

At this time we do not offer trial membership periods. Membership is either free or paid.

Do you offer payment by bank check, cashier's check, or bank transfer?

No, not at this time.

Can I pay with a repaid gift card?

Yes, a prepaid card with a Visa/Mastercard logo, approved for online transactions, should be accepted by the vendors.

What are Credit use for?

Credits are used to brand your profile (make a statement with Stickers) or to send stickers as a gift to other members.

How long has the Site been operating?

The Site has proudly served its customers since 2011, bringing over a decade of excellence and experience in our field.

Are you licensed and registered?

Yes, RTAdvertise is both licensed and registered in the USA. Additionally, we are verified by PayPal and CCBILL. RTAdvertise is owned and operated by

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, you will find our refund policy here

Contact Us

For billing questions click here.